Executive Search

complete market mapping; specific and tailor made approach; confidentiality guarantees; strong relationships with both clients and candidates, commitment to results;

Walton International is well-recognized brand in Executive Search “world”
This kind of search is typically used for senior-level jobs, for which there is a smaller pool of appropriate high-level candidates who can be identified and targeted. Executive Search aims to find the best candidates for a position, whether or not they are looking to move (more popularly “head-hunt” them).

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Advertised Selection

Broad reaching, defined timeframes, procedural rigor in professional selection, very experienced interviewing professionals, possibility of combining different techniques in assessment.

This approach relies on individuals being active in the job market and reviewing the newspapers or trade publications to find positions that may be of interest to them. We will review all of the letters and CVs received, interview and/or test the most relevant candidates and present a shortlist of the best individuals to the client. Advertised selection is most frequently used for hiring into fresh graduates, specialist and middle-management positions.

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Psychometric Testing and Assessment

Tests and exercises available in several languages (English, Hungarian, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian)

Walton International can offer Psychometric Testing and Assessment services. We can also offer a range of consultancy services to ensure that the value of the objective assessment is maximized.

Ability assessment portfolio comprises over 70 ability tests covering entire range of work-relevant aptitudes, from entry level through to leadership positions. This portfolio includes Advanced Managerial Tests (AMT), Critical Reasoning Test Battery (CRTB) and Personnel Test Battery (PTB).

Personality assessment portfolio provides an indication of an individual’s proffered behavioral style at work and provides valuable information about relevant personality characteristics.

Assessment and Development Centers reproduce real life workplace scenarios enabling
demonstrable competencies required for successful job performance to be assessed.

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